[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Bleschke- Einwandererkartei, 1939-1945

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On Jan 18, 2012, at 1:24 PM, Vera Miller wrote:

> Hi Helen,
> All my family records list my ancestors' name as Bleschke.

Deconstruct the surname into parts.
'BL' consonant group
'E' vowel
'SCH' germanic consonant group
'KE' north sea/baltic coast low german suffix, a diminutive meaning 'little' 

The surname is BLESCH - ke  -pronounced Blaysh - ke

The variations present in the spelling of the surname is the VOWEL sound.
Over time with the 'eingedeutschen' (germanizing) of the spelling from Lowland German to Luther's High German "P" could well have morphed to "B".

Be mindful of Gary's counsel. . . Sounds are reproduced by the spelling and in Polish, as in Russian, different alphabetical characters are used to produce the same sound when spoken.  SOUNDS LIKE is always the rule.

example: German SCH = sh, Polish SZ = sh, Dutch SCH =sk, like our English School=Skool vs the German Schule=shooleh.

If of Dutch origin, Bleschke could be pronounced as BLAYSK-ke

I also see a variation as Blauschke.

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