[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Bleschke- Einwandererkartei, 1939-1945

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Then to add to the mix is the possibility that the German name morphed 
into an equivalent Polish name- this did not always happen, but often.   
I do not know off hand what that would be for Bleschke, but for 
instance, the German name Schwarz would morph into Czarnecki (both mean 
the color black), Koenig would morph to Krol (both mean King), etc.


On 1/18/2012 4:42 PM, Earl.Schultz wrote:
> Vera,
> "Sch" is 'sz' in Polish and the last letter can change depending on the
> tense.  Bleschke would be Bleszke or Bleszkie but I would not overlook the
> possibility of Blaszke which is a much more common name in Poland and the
> sound would be virtually the same, I think.  Blaszke is common in Dobriner
> Land as a potential ancestral area for this family.  Incidentally, so is
> Hoffman/Hofman/Hofmann etc.  With both names common in the same area it is
> possible both families came from this same area.
> Earl
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> I am trying to find Bleschke on the Family History Center's microfilm for
> Einwandererkartei, 1939-1945. I have already looked under
> Blazinc, Karl-Blechner, Elisabeth
> Vault INTL Film
> 1806225
> Blechner, Elisabeth-Bletsch, Berta
> Vault INTL Film
> 1806226
> I saw on
> http://sggee.org/research/AlternateSurnamesDatabaseSubstantiated.pdf that
> Bleschke also can be spelled Bleszko. I did not see any entries for Bleszko.
> Does anyone have any suggestions how to find this name on these films?
> Thanks,
> Vera 		 	   		
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