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I cannot help you with the parents of Gottlieb GERSCH or GIERSCH, nor 
the parents of Anna Rosine Schulz, but I can tell you that they had 11 
children per data submitted by SGGEE001- see I41900 (Gottlieb) and 
I41901 (Rosine) in the Master Pedigree Database.   Gottlieb dies in 
Szadowicie in 1855, per Turek death records (#119 of 1855)- perhaps his 
parents are listed in that death record.   All of the children of that 
marriage appear to be born in the Kolo area of Poland.

The children of Martin Albrecht (I177915) and Eleonore Krenz (I177916) 
(we only have two at this time) were born in Witkowo in Gniezno county 
of Poland.    Further research in that parish will likely yield more data.

We do not yet show any children for the marriage of Johann Ferdinand 
Giersch to Ernestine Albrecht, but if you submit your data to be 
included in the Master Pedigree Database, we can likely help you in 
addition to your helping us link this family together.

Gary Warner

On 1/19/2012 10:03 PM, Clinton Ehlert wrote:
> Hi
> I just found out through the records that My Great greatGrandmother  Emilie Girersch who  married  My Great Grandfather Anton Schleger is the daughter of Johann Ferdinand Giersch and Ernestine Albrecht born in and her Two set's of Grandparents are Gottlieb Giersch and Anna Rosine Schultz . the Giersch's were born in Poland  . Ernestines Parent's were Martin Albrecht and Eleonore Krenz who came from Germany to Poland  . I was wondering if I could find out The names of Gottlieb Giresch's Parent's and is there a way I could find the Name's of Martin'Albrecht's  Parent;'s . Gottlieb Giersch and martin Albrecht are My Fourth Great Grandfathjer's . Any suggestion's would be helpful  in how to find out more about these two families in Ppoland and Germany .
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