[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] 1916 map of Russian POW camps

Günther Böhm GHBoehm at ish.de
Fri Jan 27 04:02:25 PST 2012

Am 26.01.2012 19:53, schrieb Richard Benert:
> It should be remembered, though, that these camps were chiefly for POWs and civil internees (that is, German and 
> Austrian citizens who lived or worked in Russia).  I think that possibly some Volhynian and Polish colonists may  have 
> been housed in these camps temporarily, but generally they were foisted off on private families, placed in old 
> factories or schools, or just left to find lodging on their own. But, since we have so little real information, we 
> have to leave open the possibility that some colonists were placed in POW camps. 

Hello all,
I just want to thank Dick for his message and to reinforce his warning (being neither a specialist on Imperial-Russian 
detaining camps nor believing that the map & list could provide the solution of questions regarding the fate of detained 
Volhynian Germans). It might just be another piece of the big puzzle.


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