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Lukasz Bielecki, der Projektmanager des Posenprojekts, und Vollzeit 
Genealoge sowie genealogischer Reisebegleiter, hat sich mit den Archiven in 
Polen in Verbindung gesetzt bezueglich der in den Listen befuerchteten neuen 
Anweisung, keine Kopien mehr ins Ausland zu schicken. Ich zitiere:

 Dear Karin,

I spoke with the person who does all the correspondence with "clients"
in the Poznan State Archives adn he told me that the new law you
mentioned only applies to officially certified copies (beglaeubigt).
This affects people who need them for whatever legal proceedings, but
that would be probably a small fraction of genealogists only. Hobby
copies are sent to anyone abroad with no problems. So it can't be
ruled out that in some Polish archives someone has not understood the
new regulation and decided not to send anything abroad, but this is
definitely wrong and unfounded.

So please write that as a response to any news about that posted to
forums or discussion groups.

Best wishes,


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