[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] emilie (Giiersch) Schleger Liers siblings?

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You probably have seen the couple Johann Ferdinand Giersch and Ernestine Albrecht and their marriage date and place in the Main Pedigree Database.  Other than a volunteer extracting this marriage record to provide clues for SGGEE members, it appears no one is yet connected to this family, so it would be up to you look at microfilmed Dabie church records to find children of this couple and add them.  

A family history center in Edmonton may already have some films of Dabie church records.  If not, the volunteers at the FHCenter  will provide instructions on how to order in films, etc. etc.   

Rose Ingram
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  I just found out that My Great Great Grandmother Emilia Giersch who was born in 1866 in Rxawerow (ksaewrow) , Poland . is The daughter Of Johann Ferdinand Giersch and Ernestine Albrecht . I was wondering if Johann Giersch and Ernestine had any more children . I do have the names of Johann and Ernestine Parents but would lke to know if My Great Great Grandmother had any broithers or sisters . I know that Johann Ferdinand Giersch was married to Julianne Gunther too so if they had Children they would be Emilia's Half siblings . Emilia moved to Yellowgrass , Saskatchewan with My great Granmother and two sister's Emilia , Serpheina and one Brother Reinhold Schleger . She was the widow of Anton Schleger . She remarried jacob Lier in YellowGrass, saskatchewan . I would Appreciate any information on The giersch family. 

  Clinton Ehlert 
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