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Please Please !  Take the linked article and the rest of the website with a grain of salt.  Though there is some good info to be found, it is otherwise full of historical errors.  I have tried for years to contact the authors to challenge their assertions.  Unfortunately they posted the site and then disappeared.  Email addresses shown for contact are either dead or there is no response.

When they refer to Dutch settlers, they are referring typically to Mennonite settlements.  Though there were only a half dozen or so such Mennonite settlements in Wisla River region of Russian Poland (attributable to migration from Prussia) they boldly proclaim that all Holendry there have Dutch origins.  This is totally false.  One simple example is the village of Mokro Niemieckie (German Mokro) which existed as early as 1803 (Gilley map of South Prussia) and apparently founded in 1790.  Of it, the site states, "The cemetery is all that remains after the Dutch colonists."  There was never a Dutch settler in this village based on available Evangelical (Lutheran) or Mennonite records.  

Similarly, numerous other villages in the Mazowian region are declared to be Dutch yet the earliest settlers claimed to live there have Germanic surnames.

For a much better treatment on this subject, refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ol%C4%99drzy as written by one of our members.


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> An interesting website - in Polish and English on the 
> Dutch/German ancestors called Holenders who settled in Poland ca 1800
> Sierakowskie Holendry 
>   http://www.holland.org.pl/art.php?kat=art&dzial=ogolne&id=1&lang=en
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