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Christopher Menke chrismenke at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 2 12:20:40 PDT 2012

Glad to hear this! Ok, starting from the home page I will walk you through it. I copied the list in case anyone else asks...
from the home page: http://www.westpreussen.de/cms/ scroll down and click on the link word (towards the bottom left) Einwohnerdatenbank
and now you are here: http://www.westpreussen.de/cms/ct/einwohnerdatenbank.php
now scroll down to the bottom middle and click the button Zur Datenbank
and now you are here: http://www.westpreussen.de/einwohner/index.php At this point you can see the Top 100 most common surnames in the database, and you can select your search language. It defaults to German. To search by location click Englisch and then click Search right above the language selector. (After you select English). 
Now you are here: http://www.westpreussen.de/einwohner/index.php?m=search
Now under location search type Wolhynien and a number of families pop up. Some of the stories are fascinating. For example under the search I just described I clicked on Julianna Hagenau. The Hagenau name caught my eye because that family has married into my family going back to 1700's. Then I clicked on her father Andreas Hagenau who was married to Eva Lange. They were from Strasburg, West Prussia, then went to Volhynia wheew Julianna was born, then apparently came back becasue the last son, Reinhold was born in Strasburg. Then I clicked on Reinhold's son Karl-Heinz who it says was a U-Boat Commandant in WWII. Fascinating stuff.  
As a cross-check here is her birth record on Odessa3 (note spelling variation in mom's last name): http://www.odessa3.org/re-cgi-bin/hsearch

Hope this helps! Probably not all-inclusive because there are many births with no further life information. Most likely other emigrants. Another good thing on the site there are names back to 1600's. 


From: edies_hook at msn.com
To: chrismenke at hotmail.com
Subject: West Prussia database
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2012 11:45:42 -0700

Chris, thank you for posting this fine website on the SGGEE mailing list.  I found probable Brade relatives there that will extend my research further.
However, pls tell me in detail how you entered “Wolhynien” in the Place search.  Some of my family and/or their friends emigrated there in the 1860s.
Many thanks....
Edith Rimpel McKelvy
edies_hook at msn.com

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