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Not sure what you learned on the Internet that would discourage you from driving in Poland.  It is no different than driving anywhere else in Europe.  I was just there in May and had no problems with my rental car.  The only thing is that you would have to have an International Drivers License.

Having said that, of course, you may find it advantageous to have a translator with you.  People involved in the tourist trade generally know English but most people in the small towns do not.

If you have time, may I suggest, if you have a driver, to encourage him to use some of the rural roads between Warsaw and Gabin rather than the main highway.  The area between Sochachow and Gabin at least is apple orchard country and very picturesque.


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> Hello
> First I would like to thank everyone who has helped my with my 
> questions in the past.  Starting to learn to much more. 
> My sister and I will be travelling to Zhitomyr and Serbo-
> Slodbodka area in the Ukraine in October 2012 and we are also 
> travelling to Warsaw, Poland.  We already have a car and driver 
> arranged for the Ukraine but we were wondering if anyone knows 
> of a company or someone to hire that would be able to take us 
> from Warsaw to the Gabin area in Poland.  From research on the 
> internet, we will not risk driving ourselves. 
> Thank you for any help or information anyone has. 
> Debbie Thoms
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