[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] more Maslaki Evangelical church records found

Albert Muth albertmuth734 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 13:26:11 PDT 2012

Remember:  merely because church records have not been filmed
by the Family History Library DOES NOT MEAN they do not exist.


Sometimes, it is just the case that FHL stopped filming at a certain
year due to privacy laws.  It is known in many cases that the
archives have additional records in storage.

But what if there are no FHL records, and the archives don't have them
either??  Well, this is a worst case scenario and sadly, yes, I can
think of several places that this affects.

In case of Maślaki, things are looking very good.  Maślaki is a
small parish in the Western part of Russian Poland, adjacent
to the border with Prussia.  It is a daughter parish of Konin,
to the South, and is adjacent to Sompolno Evangelical parish on
the East.  The area has historical ties to the Witkowo Evangelical
church just over the Prussian border.

The FHL catalog shows records for 1827-1859; it actually would be
more accurate to say 1827, 1843-1859.

When you look in the Pradziad catalog of the Polish State Archives for
church records (if you've never used it, read first the explanation at

When you use Pradziad a lot (and why wouldn't you?), then bookmark this page
http://baza.archiwa.gov.pl/sezam/pradziad.php?l=en (if you are wondering
how to use it, go back to the first webpage I mentioned.  I told you so!)

Pradziad tells us that Maslaki's BMD (births, marriages and deaths)
each ended in 1859.  It also shows that births become again available
1893-1910 and marriages/deaths 1898-1910.

On today's visit, I noticed that there are Evangelisch church records (in
Polish, ewangelicko-augsburskie) for Wilczyn, Koninskie.  Funny, I
never knew of a parish there.  It happens to be a town right in Maślaki

Pradziad reports that, for Wilczyn, there are births 1852-1893, Marriages
and deaths 1852-1860 and 1872-1895.

This is a great find.  I will have reason to be contacting the archives
about this since I am currently working with an SGGEE member
whose ancestors were in the Maślaki area before going to Volhynia
in the 1860's.

Al Muth
Michigan, USA

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