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Hello Trudy

Thanks so much for your info.  I am checking the website right now.  
My sister and I are very excited to be making this trip and I plan on 
taking as many photos as I can around the whole Zhitomir and 
Serbo-Slobodka area.  I am plan on posting a link so anyone can see 
the photographs and any other info we may have found.  Interestingly, 
my sister found a link to a posting about KGB records (not the SGGEE 
one) and the deportation records.  It seems that some researchers took 
on the huge task of cataloging these and they are mainly stored in the 
Zhitomir archives but are not given access to people who stop at he 
archives.  But my sister and I are traveling with a researcher who 
works with Don Miller and we are hoping that when will stop at the 
archives, with a bit of pleading and remuneration, they may let Alex 
look for the family names. 
Thanks again. 
Any relation to the Kruegers who live in Humboldt, Saskatchewan?

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> Hello Debbie,
> Last year I went to Poland to do research and visit my parents home
> villages.  What an experience.  I used a wonderful service-link is below. 
> Our guide/researcher, Kasia was absolutely wonderful.  They came with high
> recommendations and I certainly was not disappointed.   I'm hoping to use
> them again next years. 
> http://www.discovering-roots.pl/services.htm
> Hope you have a wonderful time.  I would be interested to know of your
> experience in Zhitomyr as my 3rd cousin has family from that area. 
> Trudy Krueger
> Flint Michigan

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