[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Wolhynische Hefte, 4. Folge

Eveline Tiefenbach liebeemmi at aol.com
Tue Jul 10 02:58:29 PDT 2012


Does anyone have the Wolhynische Hefte, 4. Folge, and is able to look up for me if a family Richter or Tiefenbach once lived in the villiage Bryszcze I or Bryszcze II.

Found this picture on the Wolhynia.de site, http://wolhynien.de/genealogy/help/images/Bryszcze_2.jpg the guy sitting on the ground left side, is a Tiefenbacher, I passed the picture around in the family and they all agree with me, it is possible that this is Wilhelm Tiefenbach *1925, we compared our pictures with this, and family says it is him, also possible the the guy next to him sitting on the chair could be his father Robert "Hermann" Tiefenbach *1881

I tried contact Dittmar Bauer, that owns the picture, his wife wrote me back last night and mentioned to me that Dittmar Bauer died 2007.

Any help for this area is Apprecaited if you are also researching in the area.

Also found a birth record from Wilhelm Richter * 1871, that I am still trying to connect to my Tiefenbach, 

PARENTS - Carl Richter  ooKaroline Bahr, possible Baer or Bär (no marriage info)

Wilhelm Friedrich Richter * 23 Feb 1871 Slawuta,  Shitomir, Bapt.29 Mar 1871
Godparents:  WilhelmGlaser,  Johann Tiefenbach (possible, JohannTiefenbach is my father in law grandfather, this could be the connection toRichter), Wilhelm Richter, Wilhelm Bahr, Emilie Richter, Emilie Groll

Karl Adolph Richter* 23 Jul 1868 Slawuta

Emilie Julianne *16 Oct 1778 Slawuta

Best Regards
Eveline Tiefenbach

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