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Thank you for the info, I am still working myself threw the site, looks like a lot of info also for Wolhynien areas....the site is new to me too, just found it today, 

Eveline Tiefenbach

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Many thanks for this link to Ostdok!  I did not know about it.  It is a 
wonderful project, typical of "deutsche Ordnung und Wirtschaft." I will use 
it in future historical research.  If you are interested, there is a 
4-volume work called "Deutsche und Deutschland aus russischer Sicht," filled 
with articles about many aspects  of how Russians looked at Germany and the 
Germans.  The editor is Dagmar Herrmann.  And you can read it all on this 

Richard Benert

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> Hello to the list
> This site may be interesting to you all, very many Doc's, just type a 
> keyword and hopefully you get it a hit, 
> http://www.ostdok.de/de/fs2/search/query.html?prox=true&hl=scan&fulltext=wolhynien&mode=simple
> I have been reading many doc's from the Wolhynien and there is many info 
> for Pommern. You can also download the sites you read. The doc's are 
> though only readable in german.
> Good Luck
> Eveline
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