[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Ostdok Site: The Zhitomir Arndts

Trudy Krueger tgkrueger at att.net
Sat Jul 21 16:26:32 PDT 2012

I downloaded the PDF file of this publication.  What I do next is copy
sections from the pages and paste them into Google Translate, choose German
to English translate, then I am able to understand what the general idea of
the page is all about.

The Zhitomir Arndts: a Family Chronicle of 150 years in the western Ukraine

Trudy Krueger

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> Hello to the list
> This site may be interesting to you all, very many Doc's, just type a 
> keyword and hopefully you get it a hit, 
> I have been reading many doc's from the Wolhynien and there is many info 
> for Pommern. You can also download the sites you read. The doc's are 
> though only readable in german.
> Good Luck
> Eveline
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