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Hi Patricia,

This is a great idea. I am 51 percent Eastern European and 45 Russian/Finnish, according to the new ancestrydna.com test.

I have done the Family Finder test through FamilyTreeDNA. I found a distant cousin who is related to two 5th-great-grandmothers. Now, we need to figure out his ancestor's siblings who connected us together. I have a third cousin match too. I am waiting for research results in Bialystok to find our connection.

I haven't had much luck in DNA genealogy because I haven't been able to get very far with my genealogy located in current Poland.

Here is another great resource for those who have used 23andme.com and familytreedna.com for testing- http://www.gedmatch.com/. You can upload your dna information into the site's database to see who else matches you for free. The database predicts the number of generations matches are separated by. Gedcomm files can also be downloaded and searched for matches.

my blog- http://lostrussianfamily.wordpress.com

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> I was wondering if there has ever been any discussion about this group getting DNA tested or forming its own group with in Family Tree DNA.
> I would think as the way genealogy is moving to have DNA testing enhance the paper research that this could be something that could be discussed. What would be really great is to have people who moved from certain villages in Russia to be grouped together.
> The Family Finder test that is so helpful in finding cousins it may be a great way to help researchers.
> I was wondering if this is something that has been thought about.
> Also a lot of buzz about the new Genographic test through the National Geographic society, which is going to be a great test just not the same as the Family Finder test.
> Looking forward to hearing thoughts on this.
> Patricia
> PS I am considering starting a group from Rastadt, Russia but would need people that are interested in participating and wiling to take the test.
> The Family Finder Test is for either males or females, the yDNA test is for males only (which traces the paternal line) The mtDNA test both males and females can take and it traces the maternal line.
> The Family Finder test is the most beneficial (I have found) for genealogists.
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