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Not knowing how you acquired "Gruec", here is some pure speculation.  Could the word "Gruec" be the German word "Gruesz" or "Grueß" (actually "Grüße") for "greetings","salutations"?  Thus, someone could have written in a letter or on a postcard "Grüße aus Kalisz" (Greetings from Kalisz).

George Shoning  

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I'm a new member who's got a lot of things I need some assistance
with, but I'll keep it simple and address one thing at a time :-)

My first problem is that our family lore has had my great-grandfather
and his siblings being born and raised in "Gruec, Kalisz, Poland" --
but in more than ten years of research, I have yet to actually find
the first shred of evidence that any such place has ever actually
existed at all. Literally every single page anywhere on the web that
links a place named Gruec to Kalisz is a genealogy forum post by me or
a direct relative of mine inquiring about the same batch of ancestors
from the same pool of family information; I've never found any other
evidence that there's ever been a Gruec (or a place whose name could
conceivably be misspelled as Gruec) anywhere near Kalisz.

In truth, given that outside of that one detail the family history is
mostly found in Volhynia (Lutsk/Rozyszcze, in particular) instead of
Posen, I've always had a nagging suspicion that Kalisz was a
documentation error for Halicz/Halychyna/Galicia -- but that covers a
very large area, so pursuing that direction has been like searching
for a needle in a haystack.

Accordingly, I wanted to ask if anybody can assist in nailing down
this mystery "Gruec". Is there indeed any place in the vicinity of
Kalisz whose name is, once was or could potentially be misspelled as
Gruec? Is there a place somewhere in Galicia/Volhynia whose name is,
once was or could potentially be misspelled as Gruec?

If it helps at all, the family I'm looking for is a Lutheran batch of
Schillers. My great-grandfather's name was Edward; he had siblings
named Gottlieb, George, Paul, Emilia and Alma; and he married a
Christine (or Christina) Maier. Despite the troubles we've had really
pinning down his birth details properly, we can clearly place him
around Schuryn/Neu-Dorosin as an adult, as Christine is from that area
and Edward's Canadian immigration documents say that's where he was
living when he packed up for North America.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

- Craig
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