[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] geography assistance: "Gruec"?

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Sun Jul 29 11:21:55 PDT 2012

Others are more knowledgeable than I about Polish villages, but I have one 
observation.  In the VKP database is a family Gottfried Schiller and his 
wife Christine Schiller living at Miroslawka in Rozyszcze parish.  Four 
children are born there 1879 to 1887.  A fifth, Pauline, is confirmed there. 
Her birth is given as 7 Jan 1870 in Grodziec.  Possibly your Gruec is 
Grodziec.  There are a dozen or more Grodziec in Russian Poland.  The only 
one close to Kalisz is 32 km north.

Good luck in your search.

Dick Stein

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> I'm a new member who's got a lot of things I need some assistance
> with, but I'll keep it simple and address one thing at a time :-)
> My first problem is that our family lore has had my great-grandfather
> and his siblings being born and raised in "Gruec, Kalisz, Poland" --
> but in more than ten years of research, I have yet to actually find
> the first shred of evidence that any such place has ever actually
> existed at all. Literally every single page anywhere on the web that
> links a place named Gruec to Kalisz is a genealogy forum post by me or
> a direct relative of mine inquiring about the same batch of ancestors
> from the same pool of family information; I've never found any other
> evidence that there's ever been a Gruec (or a place whose name could
> conceivably be misspelled as Gruec) anywhere near Kalisz.
> In truth, given that outside of that one detail the family history is
> mostly found in Volhynia (Lutsk/Rozyszcze, in particular) instead of
> Posen, I've always had a nagging suspicion that Kalisz was a
> documentation error for Halicz/Halychyna/Galicia -- but that covers a
> very large area, so pursuing that direction has been like searching
> for a needle in a haystack.
> Accordingly, I wanted to ask if anybody can assist in nailing down
> this mystery "Gruec". Is there indeed any place in the vicinity of
> Kalisz whose name is, once was or could potentially be misspelled as
> Gruec? Is there a place somewhere in Galicia/Volhynia whose name is,
> once was or could potentially be misspelled as Gruec?
> If it helps at all, the family I'm looking for is a Lutheran batch of
> Schillers. My great-grandfather's name was Edward; he had siblings
> named Gottlieb, George, Paul, Emilia and Alma; and he married a
> Christine (or Christina) Maier. Despite the troubles we've had really
> pinning down his birth details properly, we can clearly place him
> around Schuryn/Neu-Dorosin as an adult, as Christine is from that area
> and Edward's Canadian immigration documents say that's where he was
> living when he packed up for North America.
> Any assistance would be much appreciated.
> - Craig
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