[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Maps of Annette or Moissejevka

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If you left click once (PC) on the image, you will bring up an enlarged copy that is very readable.  I only see Rink, Rode, and Bieberdorf on it, not the others you list.

Though the map is labeled 1816, the year the colony was established, my guess is that the people shown are from a much later era.


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> New here,
> Donald A. Horn email:DonHornAz at yahoo.com 
> I’ve seen a map of the colonies of Annette and Josephine at the 
> following: 
> http://rothehistory.blogspot.com/2011/05/year-1816-colonies-of-
> annette-josephine.html 
> I’m hoping to find a better copy of this or related maps of 
> higher quality as I believe it shows properties of ancestors of 
> Any maps or information on Moissejevka would also be welcome.
> My grandmother (b. Oct 1, 1888 in Moissejevka, Ukraine, Russia) 
> came to the U.S. (Galveston, TX) in 1902; sailing from Bremen on 
> the ship “Chimnitz” with her mother and father
> I have information tracing RINK line back as far as Hans Georg 
> RINCK (RINK) b. 1641 in Kreimbach in Lauter (d. unknown).
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