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Thank you!  The only other information about the Kratzke family that I have
that I didn't post before is below:

Adolph Kratzke b January 9/10 1880 from Barany
Son of Jacob Kratzke & Marijanne Mantai

Adolph's half sister Pauline b abt 1887 from Barany
Daughter of Jacob Kratzke & unknown (not Marijanne Mantai)

Adolph's half? sister Augusta b abt 1882
Daughter of Jacob Kratzke & unknown

I have no proof that the Anna I found is related except a suspicion from
her destination address.

Adolph's father Jacob remarried between 1880 and 1887 but I don't know the
name of his second wife.  It sounds like it might be Ludwika Grenke given
the record you found for Pauline.  Do you have marriage records archived as
well?  Where are these films that you searched stored?


On Sat, Jun 2, 2012 at 1:47 PM, Linda Marks Pauling <lmpauling at utech.net>wrote:

> Hello Natalie,
> Looking at the ages of your passengers, I checked the Lipno confirmation
> records from 1901-1906... they are filmed from 1867 to 1906. If your
> passengers were confirmed about age 15, they would be confirmed about 1903,
> but I did not find them there, although I do see lots of Kratzke entries,
> most earlier. I did find an Emma Amanda Marschal *18 March 1889 in Lubin
> and confirmed in 1903. She is the daughter of Fryderyk Marschal and Luiza
> Malzahn.
> There is also a Kratzke family in Barany. parents are Jakob Kratzke and
> Ludwika Grenke. I find confirmation of 2 of their children: Pauline *3 June
> 1888 and confirmed in 1903 and Julius *1891 and confirmed in 1905.
> It is possible that these passengers are from the Lipno daughter church in
> Ossowka/Espe.
> Kikol is nw of Lipno about 5 miles and Barany is sw of Lipno. I do not
> know if "Pfonko" could possibly be Prochnica also in the Lipno parish. In
> that parish in the confirmation records I see 2 Kratzke families... Michal
> Kratzke & Krystyna Grenke and Jakob Kratzke & Anna Schilke.
> I do not know if any of this connects with the information you have. I can
> check others for you born between 1852 and 1891 in Lipno if you have the
> information, but I will be gone for the next week or so.
> Linda Pauling
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>  Hi,
>> I'm searching for a possible connection with my family tree. I've found a
>> passenger ship record from Hamburg to New York on the vessel Moltke. It
>> lists three people aged 17 travelling from Russia (Kikol and Pfonko or
>> Pforrko?) in 1905. The people travelling are Anna Kratzke, Ferdinand
>> Fuchs,
>> and Euphrosine Ott. It seems Anna and Euphrosine are both cousins of Emma
>> Marschal who is listed as their contact in the U.S. and Ferdinand is going
>> to visit an acquaintance at the same address of Emma. His friend is Jacob
>> Fehlam. Does anyone have any information about how these families are
>> connected?  Those being visited are in Mount Vernon, New York, near
>> Brooklyn at the exact address where my relative Adolf Kratzke lived just
>> two years prior.
>> Also, are Kikol and Pfonko near each other?  Are they near Barany or
>> Baranons which is where all the other passenger ship records of my family
>> state as the place of origin?
>> Natalie
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