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We expect that the databases that we are now creating will be around for 
a very long time.   Our thought is that if your grandchildren are not 
interested in family history now, but later decide that they are, then 
they will still be able to connect to the past through data that you add 
now.   I do not know how messed up your family history is, but I can say 
for certain that if I had not personally started my family history, that 
my children would never have figured it out.   That is not to say that I 
am so smart, but instead that I had resources available to me that are 
no longer living that could straighten out all the falsehoods that my 
father created about his family.   So, the answer is, yes we want ALL of 
the descendants (and spouses) and ancestors (and spouses) of anyone who 
lived in Poland or the Ukraine if they had even one drop of German 
blood.  Ancestors of such persons will of course not necessarily be Germans.

I cannot say with certainty that your Swiss and Yugoslavian ancestry is 
connected to anyone else in SGGEE or not.   If they are ancestors of 
anyone who lived in Poland or the Ukraine, then yes, we want that data. 
   If they are not connected, then I will leave it up to you whether you 
send in that data or not, and I will further decide whether to upload it 
as part of the Master Pedigree Database after I see it.

Gary Warner

On 6/12/2012 2:22 PM, Carol M wrote:
> Your note about submitting records for the Master Pedigree Database
> indicates it is for Germans and their descendants and spouses. Wondering how
> many generations would be appropriate. Example. My siblings and their
> children and their children and their children and their spouses? In other
> words to Great Grandchildren? My Aunts and Uncles and their children etc.
> My Grandparents and their families.
> Also.. Although my husbands family is German they were born in the former
> Jugolsavia.  Would that be considered German or Eastern Europe? Their family
> originated in Switzerland We have the chart back to the 1600s there.
> Carol Morgenthaler
> cam650 at shaw.ca
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