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     This info may not help you with your research in Europe but it is almost a certainty that the Lange, Gurel, Pries and Pudel families were of the Baptist faith.  You will find many of these family members buried in the Baptist cemetery at Ebenezer Saskatchewan.  In some cases there are pictures of the those buried there.
    Go to http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~cansacem/ebenezerobits.html 

John Marsch
  Many of the family members are Baptist; would that be a factor?


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  ggomes at soundviewnet.com wrote on Sat Jun 16 2012 22:01:14 GMT+0200 (CEST)
  > One of my Lang/Lange relatives lists his birthplace on his WWI 
  > Registration form as "Peterkoff" .  He was born October 31, 1887 and 
  > is the son of Andrew Lang/Lange and Ernestina Unknown.

  > With this in mind, should I assume that "Peterkoff" is the same as 
  > Piotrkow Pierwszy (Piotrokow), Lublin, Lubelskie??


  to my knowledge the Lublin Project database does not have any Lutheran Germans in Piotrkow Pierwszy and only few in the surrounding villages.
  "Piotrkow" usually refers to Gubernia piotrkowska, which included a large area with Germans living mainly in and around Łódź. See http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gubernia_piotrkowska
  As the records for 1887 from parishes Lublin and Rozyszcze have been indexed already and there seems to be no son to a Andreas Lang(e), I'm afraid you need to widen your search geographically.

  Stefan Düsterhöft

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