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Have you looked in the Roschitsche database on SGGEE for Lange records? There are records for that parish available for the 1880's onwards, particularly since Lutsk is part of the parish. . As for "Peterkoff," many families who moved eastward to the region near Lutsk came from and area of Poland known as "Petrikau," which includes or is adjacent several Lutheran parishes, including Lodz, a parish called "Petrikau" and Belchatow.
I have an ancestor by the name of Rosina nee Lange, whose death record as a married woman in Belchatow, 1849 lists her birthplace as Latoja, Prussia (and I have no idea where that might be), but her descendants moved on to the Lutsk region by the 1880s. My grandmother was born near Lutsk the 1890's.
Karla Walters
Gary Gomes writes:
One of my Lang/Lange relatives lists his birthplace on his WWI Registration
form as "Peterkoff" .  He was born October 31, 1887 and is the son of Andrew
Lang/Lange and Ernestina Unknown.  Census records describe the parents as
Germans from Russia or Russian Poland and the Hamburg ship record (1889)
lists the family's residence as Residence: Roschitsche, Russland

 Many of my relatives (Langes, Gurels, Pries, Pudel, etc.) left the area a
around Lublin and Lutsk between 1888 and 1910, destined for Canada and
ending up in the Yorkton/Ebenezer SK area.

With this in mind, should I assume that "Peterkoff" is the same as Piotrkow
Pierwszy (Piotrokow), Lublin, Lubelskie??


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