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Neulobormik is almost certainly Neu Lubomirka (Nova Lyubomyrka) located a short distance north of Rowno.  I just drove past it a little over a month ago.  Google Map coordinates are 50.765671,26.385698  

Others may be able help with family questions.


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> I am looking for information or family links to Paulina Pohl.  
> Born 1890.  Died 1961.  Arrived in North America between 1911 
> and 1920.  Son is Adolf Pohl.  Born around 1911.  Arrived in the 
> USA 1924.  Husband is either none or unknown.  Mother is 
> unknown.  Father may be Daniel Poahl.  Sister is Julianna (Pohl) 
> Kussmaul.  Born 1887 or so.  Husband Michael Kussmaul.  Born 
> 1880 or so.  Both arrived Halifax, Canada in 1930.  Daughter 
> Olga (Kussmaul) Latschislaw.  Born 1906.  Arrived Canada in 
> 1949.  Last village/town/city reference is Neulobormik.  All had 
> Russia/Poland and Wolyn (Vohlynia) as a common residence 
> region.  All spoke German as a first language.  Relatives and 
> knowledgable people on this side of the Atlantic have all 
> passed, forgotten, or are hesitant to give information.  Paulina 
> was especially quiet about her past life in Vohlynia.
> Would also like information on Neulobormik.  What was it?  Where 
> was it?  Does it still exist?  Has it been renamed?  I cannot 
> find information on Neulobormik either on the internet, older 
> books, or older maps.
> Thank you,
> Randy Svenson
> Great-grandson
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