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Dear Linda,
You certainly came to the right place. Ted Belke and I have close ties with Michelsdorf and we have concentrated on this town for our research. We have built a database trying to show everyone who lived in this town and tried to follow as many as we can after leaving Michelsdorf (most in 1940 thanks to EWZ) and those preceding Michelsdorf - i.e. where did they come from and when.

Attached you will see two PDF files (those getting this through the listserv should have all attachments stripped). I can do better than give you Ferdinand Fruk's father. What about the previous 3 generations. All of this information is in the MPD. Fruk1 shows the descendants of Johann Fredinand and Alwine as far as I have found them. Fruk2 shows the ancestors of Emma Fruk (Elza's mother) going back to the 18th century. I have no information on Emma's husband. Most information I have comes from our Lublin project. Please see this page: http://www.sggee.org/research/parishes/lublin_records/lublinsearchinstruct.html

The data from prior to Michelsdorf comes from Catholic records in several towns just NE of Lodz where many of the early Michelsdorf settlers came from and then moved as a large group to Michelsdorf in 1834.

Whoever Elza's son is he is also my 4th cousin. In the pedigree chart we have 3rd great grandparents Christian Taron and Wilhemine Markus in common. You can have him contact me directly. I'm always happy to find long lost relatives. He is also related to Ted Belke but I will let Ted figure that out. My 5th cousin here in Maryland is a Belke/Lemke descendant so this guy is related to him as well, probably as 3rd cousins. Most of us coming from Michelsdorf are usually related somehow. Surprisingly I am not related to Ted except in spirit.

Please keep up the dialogue. I will be interested to know the information you have on these families as we often lose them after they move to North America.

Karl Krueger

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Hello Members,

I am looking for information on the family of Ferdynand Fruk and wife Alwina Belke who lived in Michelsdorf Poland. I have found birth records for 5 children but no marriage record for them. I would like to determine the parents for Ferdynand as I have located 3 persons by that name but do not know which family he belonged to. Alwina's parents were August Belke and Zuzanne Lemke. Alwina was born Michelsdorf in March 1872. 

Two of their daughters, Emma and Marta, immigrated to Canada in 1928, going to live in a town called Hines Creek, Alberta. Emma left behind a daughter Elza Fryda who joined her later in Canada in 1931 at age 12. I am trying to assist Elza Fryda's son to determine who Elza's father was. On Elza's birth record the father's name is marked "unknown" but family says that Elza's mother was working for a family in Przelek Maly as a domestic/nanny, and the father was the man of the house. His name was Wagner/Wegner/Wegener - no one knows. Elza will be 94 years old this year and her son would like to be able to tell her the name of her father before she passes. 
Ideally, I would like to find some Fruk family members still living in Michelsdorf and connect with them. I would like to hear from anyone who can help, and greatly appreciate any assistance. I can be reached at lindycat at hotmail.ca
Thanking you !
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