[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] village for Traugott Hoffman

fergus1 fergus1 at versanet.de
Wed Jun 27 11:36:47 PDT 2012

Hello Josephine,

my name is Martin Hoffmann and I read Your old mail from 2010.
I am searching for the family from my grandpa Adam. He was born in 
Volhynia in Ochoczyn 03.07.1896, it some miles in the west from Luzk.
But his father Ludwig Hoffmann lived before in Kopan near Dubno. The 
Family came from Middel Poland Radomsko Dziepolc.
Could it be that Traugott is from the same family. Have you more 
 From the time in Middel Poland I have some informations, but from my 
grandpa Adam I don´t know the names of the sisters and brothers.
Only Carolin Hoffmann 13.021882 born in Kopan.

Friendly regards
from Germany
Martin Hoffmann

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