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Sorry for the slow response to your questions.

You should read our location guidelines and the appendix (shows 
examples), and the gazetteers at the first item at 
http://sggee.org/research/village_maps   The simple answer is that for 
the purposes of our databases, which need standardized locations to 
merge is that we do not use a location name that represents the 
historical one, but rather the present-day name.   The reasons for this 
are many, and are discussed in the guidelines.

In our Volhynia gazetteer, at the link noted above, you will see that 
there are two different  Uljanowka in the Zhitomir area.   Look at each 
set of coordinates in Google Earth and determine which location is yours.

In our Congress Poland gazetteer, you will find an entry for Kepa 
Kikolska- again, you need to look at the location in Google Earth and 
decide if this place is your location.   Be aware that there are usually 
many locations with the same village name in Poland.   I do not see the 
Reischewo village in our Congress Poland gazetteer.   Is that a Polish 
spelling?   Please provide more information on this location.

Gary Warner
SGGEE Databases Manager

On 6/27/2012 1:23 PM, Brandt Gibson wrote:
> I have a question regarding jurisdictions in Volhynia and Poland. I'm trying to enter the data I've found on my Joseph and Witt family ancestors in my genealogy database, but have no idea how to enter the location data in my database. For example, I have several Joseph ancestors who were born or married in Uljanowka, near Zhitomir. What jurisdiction(s) was this city in at the time (1890s)? I likewise have discovered birth and marriage records in Kepa Kikolska and Reischewo, Poland for others of my Joseph and Witt family ancestors in the 1830s-1850s. Knowing that Poland was constantly changing hands between various other countries, how do I enter the locations of these events in my database? I can provide more details if necessary. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,  Brandt GibsonFife, WA 		 	   		
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