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Hi Kenneth,

I'll try to give some answers.
In lutheran church records of Kielce there are found the following marriages:

1 1857 7 Gotfryd Foerster Karolina Lachmann Kielce (ewang.)
3 1857 6 Fryderyk Günther Anna Lachmann Kielce (ewang.)
4 1857 4 Jan Lachmann Anna Karolina Günther Kielce (ewang.)
6 1852 1 Jan Gotfryd Lachmann Juliana Józefa Wolf Kielce (ewang.) 

I think they are part of your family.
There are many more Lachmann-entries e.g. on genealodzy-pl .

<resettlement> and <raises a question>
The document I mentioned deal with the resettlement in 1939/40 !!!
So, I described this not exactly enough in my last email.
But: one of the mentioned Bonakowski-persons OR a sibling should have given this information to an
"interrogator" of the EWZ- in 1939. The documents are often signed by the interrogated person, but I do not posess this document. So I do not know who gave this information.

Reasons why resettleing or emigration:
That was a very individual decision !
- Living circumstances became harder every year - in Poland and Russia
- perhaps the family went back to Berlin to prepare their emigration (better connections to emigration-help) 

In one of my own documents I found a very plausible reason:
Part of a family lived in Volynia since 1863. During WW I they were banned to "deep Russia". In 1918 the family went back to their home in Volynia, which became partly Polish !
"The Polish [army] seized the land of the people in our place and didn't give it back, although many people 
tried to "buy it again". The Polish took the money but didn't give back the land. Former owners were expelled from their homes and the homes were destroyed. So the family decided to go back to Germany in 1927and then emigrated to US and South-America." 

That was only one example for emigration from Europe.
Perhaps there is more information about the Lachmann-family at the states archive in Berlin ?


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