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Something is wrong with your translation.  Gottfrieda is a feminine name, not masculine.  Sometimes hired translators do not understand the context of these old documents and get things wrong.  


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> Marine... et.al.,
> These insights into the term "legal tutor" do add to the story. 
> From the set
> of Parish records from Radom which I am reviewing, I have 
> learned (from my
> grandmother's marriage record) that her father's name was Gottfrieda
> Schultz.  The same info was contained in the marriage 
> record for her older
> brother.  However, subsequent birth & marriage records for 
> siblings are
> between her natural mother and a Daniel Schultz. Both her mother 
> and Daniel
> who I now assume was her step father (as well as her natural 
> father I
> assume)  died when she was young and before she was 
> married.  I do not have
> any info as to what happened to Gottlieb but I have wondered if 
> he was a
> brother of or in some other way related to Daniel.... now with 
> the insights
> from Marine it is even more interesting.
> Hope to learn the rest of the story!
> Eugene Markiewicz
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> Hi Eugine and listers,
> "Tutor" is a term in Napoleonic Code-based legal systems 
> (including current
> Quebec Civil Code, for you Canadians).  It is more or less 
> equivalent to
> "guardian" in the English common law system.  Given both 
> her parents are
> dead and the tutor's surname is the same as the mother's maiden 
> name, this
> is most likely the mother's brother and, therefore, the maternal 
> uncle of
> the person in question.  
> Since unmarried women were seen as "belonging" to their fathers (and
> therefore his line), it would be more typical for a father's 
> brother to be
> appointed tutor, so this may mean
> (a) the father had no brothers
> (b) any brothers the father did have are also deceased
> (c) any living brothers of the father were unable, unwilling, 
> too far away,
> etc. to serve as tutor.  
> If you can determine that there were in fact living paternal 
> uncle(s), it
> would be worth trying to find out why the maternal uncle became 
> tutor.  Some
> possibilities could be that paternal uncles were
> (a) unmarried, thus inappropriate to have a female ward
> (b) financially unable to support the niece
> (c) lived too far away.
> There is a story here -- good luck finding it!
> Marnie McCall, Ottawa
> Researching Grugers and Hochwuhlers  
> > Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 11:42:20 +0200
> > From: "Gene Markiewicz" <genemarkiewicz at aol.com>
> > Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Radom Parish Records.... 
> Several 
> > questions in understanding these entries.
> > 
> > 
> > . Virtually even male mentioned has an occupation or status 
> indicated. 
> > I have seen colonist, settler, tennant, peasant,, laborer. for 
> one 
> > woman it was servant and at my grandmothers wedding a man 
> attended who 
> > was identified as being her "legal tutor". both her parents 
> were dead 
> > and this "legal tutor" had the same last name as her mother's 
> maiden 
> > name. Were these standard designations or just what the parish 
> > pastor/administrator chose to use? I can assume which each 
> designation 
> > means but am curious as to whether these designations meant 
> more than is
> obvious to me.
>> > 
> > 
> > Eugene 
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