[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Paholke Surname

Beth Burke mackzie at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 8 09:04:39 PDT 2012

As many of you know, I spoke to the Oconto County (Wisconsin) Genealogy
Society in September.  There is a pod of Lublinites in Oconto County,
including both sides of my own family.  Additionally, many of the surnames
that occur in the Lublin records on the SGGEE website reoccur in Oconto
County, Wisconsin.

Is anyone in the SGGEE group researching the surname Paholke?  I have
received an e-mail from someone up there who has hit a brick wall (welcome
to the club!) in their research.  A quick overview of the SGGEE records
shows Tucholke (I've already e-mailed Bill) and a variation of Paholke -
Baholke (along with several other close matches starting with the letter

If any of you have the Paholke surname - or something close in your
genealogy - could you please contact me.  

And as always, thanks for your help!

Beth Burke

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