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I see that the German name for Jawor is Jauer. I assume you want an 
Evangelical film and there does seem to be one that may have records you 
seek: LDS film 890909 for baptisms and marriages 1807-1814, 1848, 1851 
in the Evangelical parish of Jauer, Schlesien, Germany, now Jawor, 
Wroclaw, Poland. There's also an Evangelical military film for a 
Prussian battalion, but you probably want to look at the civilian film 
first. There are also Catholic films and if people were too far from an 
Evangelical church, they often reported to a nearby Catholic one.

Good luck with further research.

Sigrid Pohl Perry

On 10/17/2012 5:05 PM, Mhairi Patterson wrote:
> It seems I have come to a dead end.
> My great grand parents were married in Radom parish and I have their
> marriage info.
> Justine Winkler (g- grandmother) was born in 1858 in Gruszczyn, Lipsko,
> daughter of Christoph Winkler and Julianna Schlachter.
> Heinrich Schmidtke (g- grandfather) was born in 1847 in Pawliczka,
> Rzeczniow, Lipsko son of Johann Schmidtke (1813) and Rosine Betker (1817).
> I have been told by Radom archives the have no records and that their births
> may be in Jawor parish records.  Does anyone have any information on
> possible sources for my great-grandparents births.
> Mhairi Patterson
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