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Hello List Members:
I'm searching for the birth date and birth place of my grandmother Auguste Betker born Hoffman. According to my grandmother's EWZ records she was born Auguste Hoffman, on May 14 , 1876 in Dobrice, ZHI. Her mothers name was Emilie Hoffmann. Her death certificate says that she was born on May 14, 1867 and died in 1958 in Swynarin. 
Another record found in the St. Pete files shows an Auguste Hoffman born on May 7, 1878 in Anchewka, ZHI. Her mothers name was also Emilie Hoffman. I have not found Anchewka on any map. I would appreciate any information on the location of Anchewka and how to determine which records may be appropriate.  Any suggestion would be appreciated. 

Thank you,
Heinrich Richter

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Westfalen is a very big area. Interesting is “Kreis Herford”. It tells you where 
in Westfalen to find it. See links.



Kerstin Petersen
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