[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Acquiring birth and marriage certificates

Beth Burke mackzie at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 9 09:07:59 PDT 2012

If anyone can answer this, I, too would like to know.  I would like a death certificate and obit for my grandmother's sister who died in Marburg, but have come up empty in all attempts to get either.

Beth Burke 
Verona, WI

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>Hello list,
>A cousin in Germany has asked my help in trying to obtain his birth papers
>and the marriage certificate of his parents.
>The marriage occurred 13 June 1939 in Neu-Posen (Nepoznanitschi).
>His birth was 16 April 1940 in the same town.
>What options do we have in finding a copy of those documents by either
>using him as a direct relation or myself as a non direct relation.
>Thanks in advance,
>Michael Glime
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