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Hi Karl,

Yes, Johann was born in Janów, Petrikau but of course there were many of them.
The word I had from the Polish Archives at Piotrkow Trybunalski is
that Janow nowadays is Dmosin, so I always state as Dmosin when I talk
about him. The only reason I strongly believe this is the right one is
because Emilie Norenberg, sister of Johann, was born in Osiny wich is
just beside.

By looking on the map I can see both Gmina Dmosin and Dmosin (two
different locations).

Do you know (or anybody knows) what was the Janów one?

Yes I'm still interested to know if Samuel Markus and Marianna
Gersdorf are the parents of Karoline Markus. I will keep an eye on it
for following researches.


On 17 September 2012 14:45, Karl Krueger <dabookk54 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Mauricio,
> So you have had some success. We still need to confirm the parents of
> Karoline Markus. As you know I suspect they are Samuel Markus and Marianna
> Gersdorf.
> When you say Johann Noerenberg was born in Dmosin, it was more likely Janow.
> Almost no Germans lived in Dmosin but Janow was a German colony where the
> Markuses lived.
> Karl
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> Brzeziny area
> Hi researchers,
> If anybody else are stuck in Brzeziny, here is the advice: there's
> ALWAYS a way! :)
> Some of you might remember about me being stuck in the lack of Brzeziny
> records.
> About an year ago I contacted Watta Research (strongly recommended)
> and managed to get small but important vital information: I discovered
> who were the parents of Ferdynand Norenberg (father of my Johann
> Norenberg, born in Dmosin, 1860). The parents of Ferdynand are Johann
> Nuernberg and Rozyna nee Schindler.
> I spent some hours reading through ger-pol-volhynia  list's archives
> and googling but there are so much information that I get lost. I'm
> not sure where should I head next in order to find more information.
> Here's the map that concerns:
> https://dl.dropbox.com/u/14577001/brzeziny_map.png
> So basically the resume of locations I found traces of my family in
> the 1830 to 1860's:
> Lodz Parish, Nwosolna Parish, Teolin, Osiny, Dmosin, Stoki, Budy Bedonskie.
> Nowosolna Lutheran Parish
> Marriage 1.11.1863
> Michal Norenberg born in Teolin, son of Jan (Johann) and Rozyna nee
> Schindler
> 20 years old  with
> Marianna Herman daughter of Michal and Rozyna nee  Engler
> 20 years old
> Marriage 1865
> Wilhelm  Norenberg born in Teolin, son of Jan (Johann) and Rozyna nee
> Schindler
> 20 years old  with
> Anna Luiza Rell
> 18 years old
> witness: Ferdynand Norenberg living in Osiny, 36 years old (Wilhelm`s
> brother)
> lutheran parish Łódź
> * Budy Bedońskie 23.02.1831
> Samuel Norenberg son of Jan (Johann) Norenberg and Rozyna geb Schindler
> In the index of civil records Dmosin, Tomaszow archive I found entries
> regarding Jan Norenberg,Olga Norenberg and Gustaw,Norenberg from
> Stoki.
> So, with all up to date I have:
> **Jan (Johann) Nörenberg, married with Rozine nee Schindler - (prob.
> married in early 1830's or late 1820's)
> children
> Michal Norenberg married with Marianna Herman
> Samuel Norenberg
> Wilhem Norenberg
> **Ferdynand Norenberg born ~1829 married with Anna Karoline Markus
> (married maybe in the 1850 to 1860's)
> children (known)
> Andreas Norenberg
> Gottffried Norenberg
> Emilie Norenberg born in Osiny married with Gottlieb Henschke in
> 1880's, Volhynia, Rozyzscze
> **Johann Norenberg born in Dmosin married with Julianna Braun in 1887,
> Sapust Kieselin, Rozyzscze files
> **grandmother (born in Brazil)
> **mother
> **me
> Any clues much appreciated.
> What I **think** is I should start looking at Ilow Parish, what you
> people think?
> Some interesting findings are under Ilow confirmations:
> Johann Nuernberg, confirmed in 18 Mar 1812 Location: Brzeziny,
> Village: Kalloczin\Kolacin, NE Brzeziny [Mod Po]
> I believe this could be the father of my ggg-grandfather Johann, but
> who knows? The village is close enough.
> My new targets are:
> * Find as much records of any kind from all of this people, I think
> the challenge is the timeframe of 1800 to 1850's (now I'm in Duchy of
> Warsaw also)
> * Trace them back to Germany
> Regards
> Mauricio
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