[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Pries Family Location(s)

Gary Gomes ggomes at soundviewnet.com
Mon Sep 17 16:08:21 PDT 2012

I am hoping to get some help locating the birthplaces of my Pries relatives.

The SGGE database lists the birth of four siblings of my grandmother Lena
Pries Lange (she and her twin sister Olga were born in 1901 and are not in
the database).  These indicate that they were born in "Pawlow" which I
cannot locate near Lutsk although I find two Pawlows near Lublin where my
grandmother said she was from (she never mentioned Lutsk or Luck).

The database also shows the birth of my great grandfather Edward Pries and
five of his siblings.  The birth locations of these children of Ludwig and
Beate Pries all seem to be some variant of Mietschislaw.  Once again, I
cannot locate this near Lutsk.  To add to my confusion, I have seen other
references to Edward being from  "Polwiosek, Mietschislaw, Konin, Poznan".

I would appreciate any help, here are the listings in the SGGEE database:

Pries	Martha	18 Jun	1890	Pawlow	ROZ	Eduard	Caroline
Gurek	2380021/1890	118	943	
Priss	Esther	11 Feb	1893	Pawlow near Torczyn, Luck	ROZ
Eduard	Karoline (Caroline)	Gural	2380022/1893	190	1515
Pritz	Rudolf	17 May	1888	Pawlow Lutzk	ROZ	Eduard	Caroline
Gurel	2380020/1888	72	576	Pritz
Pries (Priss)	Paul	9 Aug	1895	Pawlow near Torczyn, Luck	ROZ
Eduard	Karoline (Caroline)	Gurel (Gural)	2380022/1895	134	1066


Priess	Pauline 	10 Jun	1876	Mietschislaw	ROZ	Ludwig
Beate	Ginther	1884069-2/1876	643	717	
Priess	Johann	23 Apr	1869	Rozyszcze	ROZ	Ludwig	Beatte
Guenther	1884109-4/1869	318	56	
Priess	Eduard			1861	B- Powesek, Kalisch, C or R place-
Mietschislawo	ROZ	Ludwig	Beate		2380025/1876	C	55

Prietz	Wilhelmine	20 Aug	1872	Miltschislawo	ROZ	Ludwig
Beate	Guenther	1884114-1/1872	616	761	
Prietz	Juliana	26 Sep	1865	B- G. Kalisch, C or R place- Miroslaw	ROZ
Ludwig			2380025/1882	C	295	
Prietz	Samuel	22 Sep	1878	Mieczyslaw	ROZ	Ludwig	Beate
Guenther	1897588-2/1880	312	889	


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