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I see that George Priez is named as a head of household in the South Prussia land census records at Nekla Hauland in 1793. I have an Anna Prietz  who may be a daughter of George Prietz - the link is yet to be established.

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Hello Gary,
you don't need to order the marriage record of Andreas Prietz oo Anna
Dorothea Düsterhöft !
I'll attach it to this mail

translation is:
ev. records Wreschen 1832 No. 28
6th of November
bachelor Andreas Prietz at Nekla Hauland, second son of deceased [at
Wreschen} farmer George Prietz, age 26,
maid Anna Dorothea Düsterhöft, youngest daughter of deceased farmer Paul
of  Zasutowo [place ~5 km NW of Wreschen], age 23
married in church of Wreschen

Tell me if you need complete entry or page of record.

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