[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Zhitomir Kelms

Kris Kelm mephs2ph at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 10:57:27 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I've given this a crack in the past and I've been able to get a little
further in my research, but I'm desperate for a little guidance and
assistance. So, my questions, in a few parts (with four part harmony):

Background: According to the 1940 national registration, my ggf is from
Zhitomir, as well as his parents. My ggm was born in Volyn, and her parents
are from "Poland". He served in the Russian military around 1904-1907, and
immigrated to Canada 1913, settling in the Neepawa area of Manitoba with
his wife and one child (born before immigration, 1 year old). He had a
brother in the area that he had stayed with briefly, according to his
homestead application documents, as well as the registration. I have
discovered a George Kelm in the Neepawa area in the 30s. There was also a

Ggf: Ludwig Kelm, born circa 1882-1885.
Ggm: Emelia Ziebart, born circa 1892

Can anyone help me get past this block, find ggf or ggm parents, confirm
date of birth, ascertain the brother's name, etc? I am striking out.

Does anyone know of a reliable researcher that I could be put in touch with
to help me on the Ukraine side?

Are Russian military service records available for that time, and what
kinds of information might they contain?

Was land registered in some fashion at that time, or census info taken?
They were a farming family...

Thank you to those who have helped me in the past, and in advance to those
I hope can help me again.


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