[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] What a difference a little DNA makes!!!!

Lynda Radke lradke at procognis.com
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Hi Carol,

I have tested 8 family members, so I can use this data to determine where a
potential match comes from.  Of all my tested family group, my
Father-in-law, Norman Radke, who is from Volhynia has the closest matches
including several family groups.  As my family is British, I can really see
the difference.  We have more matches (well over 1,000) but very few that
are significant.  Norman has fewer matches (800 overall matches), but more
that are significant (75 predicted to be 2nd to 4th cousins).  Many of the
closer matches indicate in their profile or from corresponding that the
family are ethnic Germans from Volhynia.  Please feel free to send us a
sharing invite, if you are interested in connecting with us.

Speculative and standard view are part of the Ancestry Composition.  From
the home page of 23andme, go to 'My results' and then 'Ancestry
Composition'.  There will be a plus sign next to 'global resolution', click
it twice to get to 'sub - regional' resolution. Then at the top right of the
screen, you can change the standard estimate to speculative.  Note that
"nonspecific" refers to sections of dna that exist in all parts -- for
example 'non specific Northern European" refers to segments of DNA that are
common throughout northern Europe and as such cannot be identified as
German, British, Scandinavian, etc...

Norman's results are:

100% European
Northern European

22.4% French and German
3.7% Scandinavian
2.3% British and Irish
27.2% Nonspecific Northern European

37.3% Eastern European
Southern European

0.6% Balkan
1.3% Nonspecific Southern European

5.2% Nonspecific European


I hope this helps.



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	1. How did you separate your mother's DNA from your father's in your
	2. I also have had my DNA tested at 23 and me, and I have a maternal
grandmother from Prussia and Volhynia but only have 5th cousin possibility
so far.
	3. How do you know that many from Volhynia are in the 23and me data
base? Do you know surnames
	4. How did you get the speculative view and the Standard View?

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