[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] How to find ancestors that stayed in Volhynia

Paul Rakow paul.edward.luther.rakow at desy.de
Sat Aug 10 09:39:52 PDT 2013

   Hello Gail,

         What have you already tried? Where did you get the dates
  and places from? If you tell us a little more, it might make it
  easier for someone to make the right suggestions.

         I would expect that they lived in the same towns as their
  parents,  at least until they married. So, I would suggest looking
  in the church books for their marriages, and looking through
  the death records to see whether they died young.

        Have you found these villages on a map - do you know which
  parishes they belonged to (Lutheran or Catholic)? I'm having trouble
  identifying some of them on my maps. There were several Lutheran
  congregations in the general area, Sompolno, Babiak, Konin and Kolo
  might be worth looking at.

        There was a Lutheran congregation at a Wladyslawow between
  Turek and Konin, but I don't think it would be "Wladyslawow,
  Radziejow, Bydgoszcz" - are you sure your Wladyslawow was
  near  Radziejow?

        I'm a bit puzzled when you say that these people "stayed in
  Volhynia". All the places you name are a long way from Volhynia.
  When do you think this family was in Volhynia?

                   Paul Rakow

  gswilson19 at aol.com wrote: 
> I consider myself a fairly advanced researcher.  I know how to trace my
> ancestors from the U.S. backwards.  But there are two half sisters of
> my greatgrandfather that apparently stayed in Volhynia and I have no
> idea how to go about looking for them. I don't know if they followed
> the family to the different cities the parents lived in or not.
> I am looking for
> Eleanore Krueger  21 Aug 1858  Wladyslawow, Radziejow, Bydgoszcz,
> Poland
> Ernestine Krueger  born 3 Apr 1856 Wladyslawow, Radziejow, Bydgoszcz,
> Poland
> Parents were  Johanne August Krueger  Birth 1836 in Siarczyce,
> Wloclawek, Bydgoszcz, Poland   Death 18 Feb 1917 in Mieczyslawow, Kolo,
> Poznan, Poland
>                        Karoline Anna Hermann  Birth 1835 in Goczki
> Niemieckie, Radziejow, Bydgoszcz, Poland   Death 18 Mar 1861 in
> Wladyslawow, Radziejow, Bydgoszcz, Poland
> I don't know if these women died young, ever got married, or what.
> Any suggestions on how to proceed would be appreciated.
> Gail

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