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Am 10.08.2013 22:57, schrieb Paul Rakow:
>    Hello Again Gail,
>         Knowing where the information came from is a big help.
>         From looking at the Master Pedigree file I see that
>   Johann August Krueger's two marriages were both in Sompolno
>   (it's one of the parishes I suggested before - but now we know
>   for sure you'll find something there).
>       Since he married in Sompolno in 1854 and again in 1861 it
>   would make sense to look at the Sompolno microfilms from that
>   period, to see the marriage records for yourself (they are very
>   informative).
>       It looks like the children were probably also registered
>   in Sompolno - the database says they were born in Wladyslawowo
>   near Wierzbinek, which looks close enough to be part of Sompolno
>   parish. In the database the source is "SGGEE001r10 - many parishes
>   in Poland". Probably someone at the SGGEE can tell you for sure
>   in which parish the births were recorded (probably Sompolno).
>      [Forget about the Wladyslawow near Turek that I mentioned
>   before - that now seems like the wrong place to look.]

Have a look at:


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