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You left out some more alternate spellings of this name. Noerenberg is perhaps most common among the Germans and then there is Nerenberg, Nirenberg or Nierenberg. The e after the first r is optional in all variations and then sometimes you might see it misspelled ending as burg. This is probably the most difficult to search for where even Soundex has fits.

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Dear List,
I am looking for information regarding great,great grandparents:

Charles Nuernberg dob 7/1870 (also spellings of Nurnberg, Neurnberg, Neuremberg, Nuernberg, Nuermberg, Neurmberg), wife Sophie Nurenberg (Shumacher) dob 11/1855.

They show up in US 1900 Census with 2 children that were born in Germany; 1887, 1889 so immigration was after 1889 and prior to 1893 which is year of next child that was born in US.

Thanks for any help.

Lynda Nuernberg-Smith

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