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A town ending in "ufka" will be translated phonetically by those in North America. The true spelling is "owka" where they pronounce the w like we do the v. There are several Marianowka/Marjanowka in Volhynia and given that this person probably ended up near Chelm it is more likely that the one near Rowno is where she came from. The others I found are more east and people out that far usually had no connections with the Lublin/Chelm region.
If this person who made your grandmother's dress was born in 1891 then it is likely your grandparents were married after WW I. There is a high probability that this marriage can be found in our Lublin database:

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The woman who made my grandmother's wedding dress is listed as having been born in Marianufka, Russia -- Feb 24, 1891.  Her name is Pauline Altmann.  I find 3 listings of Marianufka in the Rowno Parish History.  What I don't know, is that a name of a parish, a location, what?  I see other things listed with "ufka" at the end that sort of look like names -- Adamufka, Alexandrufka for instance.  

My grandparents were married near Chelm, Poland.  

Pauline married Walter Kloock in Germany (Isle of Rugen) and moved to Kalispell, Montana in the early 1920s. 

The family was/is Lutheran. 

Thanks for any help. 

Paula J. Meiers 

Tacoma, Washington 

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