[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Where is this place?

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Hi Linda,
The problem here is that the location given on an EWZ file is probably from someones memory, not an official record, so expect this name to be an approximation of the real town. If their memory is close then Shtetl Seeker is the best tool to use as long as you use the Daitch-Mokotoff soundex. Don't use their default Soundex search engine - I find it worthless, especially in cases like this where you won't have a very close match.

Warsaw could refer to a very large area so be open minded about this. I did the search myself and notice many Sewerynow(ka) show up. This is probably the the real name of the town. Now you have a different problem. There are too many hits. I hope you know more about the family's history to try to narrow down which of those possibilities seem likely.

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I found this location on a site with EWZ  record names.   I've looked at 
the  various maps  including Shtetyl Seeker  and the Gazeteers and
I can't find anything that comes close.
It is  Separinow, Warsaw.


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