[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Reminder about Mailing List Protocol

Jerry Frank franklyspeaking at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 1 08:28:23 PST 2013

Once or twice a year we try to remind our readers about good protocol on the Mailing List.  It helps to make it run smoothly and effectively.  It only takes a few seconds to think them through before posting a question or a reply.

This Mailing List remains as one of the MOST ACTIVE in GR genealogy / history / culture.  The only one more active is the German language Wolhynien Forum.  Other GR mailing groups are down to one or two postings per month.  Another produces messages that are 95% obituaries. I think we can be proud of our little group of almost 800 subscribers and the contributions they make to our research.

1.  If you subscribe by way of the daily digest version and you wish to reply to a message, please take a few extra seconds to:
- use "Reply All"
- delete references to all non relevant postings from that day, leaving only the one you wish to refer to
- change the subject line so it is relevant to the item you are interested in

2.  Before responding to a question, check to see if someone else has already answered it.  Repetitions of answers simply clog the system.  

3.  If your response would add clarity or extra info about the question, then of course reply to the entire Mailing List.  If you are just affirming a previous answer, send it privately to the questioner.

4.  Consider whether your question or response is of interest to the group as a whole or only to individuals.  For example:  It is quite acceptable to make a request for a culturally based recipe.  If you have it and want to respond, simple think about whether it should be posted to the list, sent to the individual, OR you could advise the list that you have it and are willing to share privately with those who want it.

5.  Be patient.  There are times when we get a flood of repetitive messages because people forget the above suggestions or are anxious to participate.  Just delete them and wait for the next one that just might have a question or response that takes you in a new direction for your genealogical search.  


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