[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Sonderzug XXVII and Soldau Lager

Paul Rakow paul.edward.luther.rakow at desy.de
Thu Dec 5 13:11:29 PST 2013

  Hello Natascha and Vera,

        I've got Soldau connections too, some relatives of
  mine were evacuated from Pervomaisk in Ukraine to Soldau -
  they were on the journey from 14-29 January 1944.

        If you look around in books or on the web for information
  about Soldau, you will find a lot about the SS camp in Soldau,
  where many Poles were killed early in WWII, for example:


       The SS camp was in the army baracks, it's possible that the
  same barracks were used for housing refugees from the East later,
  but I don't know.

        If you click on "Victims" or on "Print" you will see some
  photos of the barracks / Kaserne, one from before the War, and
  a recent photo.

                     Paul Rakow

> From: Vera Miller <equalityforall at hotmail.com>
> To: Pernille Natascha Sidorenco <n at tascha.dk>,
> Hello Natascha!
> This is very exciting. My mother's mother's family must have met your family.
> My two great-grandparents, son and a daughter were at Soldau-Lag. Bluecher, Haus Koeln, Zim. 3. They came on December 12, 1943 by XXVII Sonderzug.
> My mother's mother's family is half German and half Russian. My great-grandmother was German who was born in Bialystok, Russia, (now Poland). She met her Russian husband in Kiev, where my grandmother and her siblings were born. They left Kiev during German occupation by using my great-grandmother's German ancestry.
> I have obtained my family's EWZ files that are filled with information.
> Veramy blog- http://lostrussianfamily.wordpress.com/
>> From: n at tascha.dk
>> Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Sonderzug XXVII and Soldau Lager Bl?cher
>> My father arrived at Soldau Lager Bl?cher 18.12 1943 by Sonderzug XXVII.
>> I am seeking any kind of information about Sonderzug XXVII;
>> -Was Sonderzug XXVII part of die Fliegende Kommission?
>> - Was die Fliegende Kommission still examining settlers ?on the road? in
>> 1943, or were the trains used merely for transportation of refugees?
>> - Was Sonderzug XXVII usually used for transportation to Soldau?
>> - Where did the train come from? Lodz/Litzmannstadt perhaps?
>> - Is it in any way possible the Sonderzug XXVII could have come from Warsaw?
>> Does anybody know anything about the evacuationplans in Poland around dec
>> 1943?
>> I was told they arrived at Krakow trainstation, and that the Germans had two
>> trains leaving; one for Posen and the other for Soldau. They chose Soldau.
>> Would it be possible to travel directly from Krakow to Soldau, or would you
>> have to switch trains in Lodz?
>> Any detail about the trains, routes, evacuation, the overall scene in
>> Krakow/Lodz would be much appreciated.
>> My father?s escape route went from Kiev, Vinnytsia, Ternopil, L?wow/Lemberg
>> to Krakow. Between Krakow and Soldau something happened.
>> Knowing about Sonderzug XXVII that took my father to Soldau might be able to
>> tell me where this happened.
>> On a note ? would anybody know specifics about Soldau Lager Bl?cher?
>> My father?s ?address? was
>> Lg. Scharnhorst, Haus Berlin, Zimmer 20
>> Could this be something that still exists? Does pictures exist?
>> I would much appreciate any input, thank you
>> Natascha Sidorenco

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