[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Sonderzug XXVII and Soldau Lager Bluecher

Paul Rakow paul.edward.luther.rakow at desy.de
Fri Dec 6 12:30:12 PST 2013

   Hello Natascha and Vera,

       The addresses you gave were interesting:

   Natascha wrote:

> On a note  would anybody know specifics about Soldau Lager Bl??cher?
> My father's "address" was
> Lg. Scharnhorst, Haus Berlin, Zimmer 20

   and Vera wrote:

> My two great-grandparents, son and a daughter were at
> Soldau-Lag. Bluecher, Haus Koeln, Zim. 3.

       My relatives were in Soldau, Lager Gneisenau. 
(but I don't know the house and room).

      So, we have a Lager Bluecher, a Lager Scharnhorst and
  a Lager Gneisenau, all named after generals who fought against
  Napoleon. I wonder how many other camps or sub-camps there
  were, and if they all had the names of generals from the
  Napoleonic Wars (but I bet there was not a Lager Wellington).

      Do either of you know how long your families were in
  Soldau, and how they left?  From EWZ files I know my relations
  arrived in January 1944, and were still in Soldau in
  September 1944.  The Red Army must have reached Soldau in
  January 1945, I assume our relatives had left before then.

                  Paul Rakow

  PS Natascha - do you know about EWZ files? If you haven't
  seen the files on your family, you should ask here for an
  explanation of what they are, and how to get copies of the
  files on particular families. It's very likely there would
  be a file on your father.

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