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Sandy Burke, the education of our ancestors has no effect on the church
records except perhaps in spelling a name. The Pastor was an educated man
and he kept the records. My dad only had a third grade education but was
able to do all necessary to come to the USA as a 17 year-old. His copy of
his Baptism record was signed by Pastor R. Gundlach of Plock, who wrote the
125 year history of the Plock parish.

They remained and spoke German because they were Evangelicals (Lutheran is
a US term, not European) and that was a German church at the time as
differing from the Catholic or Eastern Orthodox. Even their schooling was
in German with their teachers being German. My dad actually spoke more
Russian than Polish, as the Russians were in charge of his area until he
was about 13 or 14 the end of WWI.

Hope this helps,
John S Ziske
South Barre, Vermont

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> Hello,
>         I have been working on the genealogy of my paternal ancestors
> since 2010.  I hired a researcher from Poland but have had the most success
> through SGGEE.  I was blessed to take a trip to Poland and Ukraine in 2010
> that was life-changing.  I continue to search but am wondering what is
> reasonable to expect from records in Poland.  My ancestors were poor
> laborers, many were illiterate.  How far back do church records go?   At
> what point should I stop searching because there just are not any more
> records available? Another question I have is why my ancestors spoke German
> but lived in Poland?  When I sat in the archives in Poznan in Poland, I
> also noticed that the books with my ancestors records had been microfilmed
> by the Mormons.  Therefore, is it necessary to hire researchers in Poland?
>  Can I find these records myself at the Mormon Church local history
> centers?  Is it worth taking a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah?  I know that
> some of the records I need from Ukraine are still being inde
>  xed and not yet available.  I know I have many questions;  many of you
> have much more experience and knowledge than I do and I want to be
> efficient and reasonable with my expectations.  Thank you so much.
> Sandy Burke
> Indiana
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