[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Canadian Naturalization records 1915-1951

Helen Gillespie gilleh23 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 05:42:25 PST 2013

Library and Archives Canada has published a number of Naturalization
records - between 1915 and 1939 and 1939-1951

1915-1939 is searchable by name  but the 1939-1951 set is only by month and
year in which the Canada Gazette published the names of the new citizens .
The Gazette info provides the Certificate number and type. Details about
each set is outlined in the Introduction..

Once you locate the individual, if you wish to order the Naturalization
Certificate under ATIP (Access to Information) the process is outlined on
the Intro page.

In the pre-1939 index, I searched the name STUBEL and it came up with
STUBELT and STUBEL - so if the key word is *in* the name - for the pre 1939
database - it should show up.

The Canada Gazette process is more tedious because the names are listed
alphabetically for every month in every year plus the supplementary pages.
However, if you know the approximate month/year, then that would narrow it


 I don't have any direct ancestors who arrived and obtained citizenship
before 1951 unfortunately - just shirt-tale relatives. My folks arrived in

Good luck!

Helen Gillespie

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