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One of your questions has not be answered here, unless directly to you, and
that is about church records. 

The SGGEE web site has links to parish records. From the SGGEE home page
menu, select Research, Parishes. You will probably find the answers to your
questions within the links on that page. 

For document research, I go to Lutheran Church records, in Russian Poland.
After some history and an more information, you will find an extended list
of parishes where documents can be found. Many have links. Some lead to
documents you will now find online. Others lead to the FamilySearch (Mormon)
site with the film information. Near the bottom of the page is a link to
Family History Centers. In the search box, I searched Indiana. Find the
nearest Family History Center to you, then order the film to be sent there.
You will have three weeks from the time the FHC receives it to review it. I
would suggest that you pay for the extended loan and the film will stay at
the library. I have three films on extended loan. One of them is records
from a Catholic Church as there was no Lutheran Church in that area during
those years. 

Maybe you will get lucky and be able to through your parishes from your
computer at home. I have been. 

For those documents not online, or that have not been filmed, you may be
able to send an email directly to the parish and have them research for you.
I did this recently for Radom. I had excellent results, 70 plus documents
mailed to me on CD for which I paid under $4 each for. The service was
excellent and fast. 

I was in Poland this fall and visited two of the municipal archive locations
in East Poland, double checking for some documents for my family that have
not been found. Chelm had nothing, but they kept my list and several weeks
after arriving home, I received a letter from them that they finished doing
additional research for me and still did not find anything. They suggested I
send an email to Lublin. I had gone to Lublin after Chelm and Lublin had one
year of Evangelical documents. I made an inquiry at Cycow and found out what
they had on their archives, also. With all three of these locations, it is
possible to send inquiries by email. 

This is only one little part of the help and links on the SGGEE website.
I've only scratched the surface and found family within links leading to
other external sites.

I hope this helps. Post any additional questions here and there are many
very knowledgeable members that have had a lot more experience with this
than I have. Things change frequently as Poland continues to place more
documents online. 

Joyce Welke Guasch
of Springfield, OR
Researching: Welke, Gurke, Beniamin
Ratz, Lentz, Zimmerman of East Poland

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	I have been working on the genealogy of my paternal ancestors since
2010.  I hired a researcher from Poland but have had the most success
through SGGEE.  I was blessed to take a trip to Poland and Ukraine in 2010
that was life-changing.  I continue to search but am wondering what is
reasonable to expect from records in Poland.  My ancestors were poor
laborers, many were illiterate.  How far back do church records go?   At
what point should I stop searching because there just are not any more
records available? Another question I have is why my ancestors spoke German
but lived in Poland?  When I sat in the archives in Poznan in Poland, I also
noticed that the books with my ancestors records had been microfilmed by the
Mormons.  Therefore, is it necessary to hire researchers in Poland?  Can I
find these records myself at the Mormon Church local history centers?  Is it
worth taking a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah?  I know that some of the
records I need from Ukraine are still being inde
 xed and not yet available.  I know I have many questions;  many of you have
much more experience and knowledge than I do and I want to be efficient and
reasonable with my expectations.  Thank you so much.

Sandy Burke
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