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On what passenger list did you find the family coming to Canada?  On the Archives Canada website?

The villages you name seem to be mangled too.  We'll have to work on those. 

Any thoughts about when they may have married, or when was the first child born.

Rose Ingram
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  I’m struggling to find records for my Frauenfeld family. Can anyone point me in the right direction or have any knowledge of this family?

  So far, I have a record of Adam Frauenfeldfrom the SGGEE   VKP records, as well as the microfilm record.

  I have amassed a great deal of census info after they arrive in Canada ( 1897)     Canada census’1901 to 1921

  I have a copy of The South Edmonton Saga with the Frauenfeld story in it. This also has birth dates and locations. The birth villages for Paul Frauenfeld and his wife Lousie ( Lentz)
  seem to be phonetically spelled    Todrow, Gombin, Warschau, Poland   and   Kocherna, Novjevirsch, Kostnin, Poland   . I’m assuming these are Gostynin and Gabin.  So far, I haven’t found anything on microfilm
  and have expanded my search by +/- 5 years and still no luck.  Birth years for both are 1859, well within range of both parishes coming into existence.

  I also have a church record of the family joining the Bruederfeld Moravian churchin 1898      They were formerly Lutheran

  Last but not least, I have a ship’s passenger list of them coming to Canada ( the family name was badly mangled)

  Would searching Catholic church records be the next place to look and if so, which parishes should I try – how do I access them?     Thanks
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