[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Fiedlers from Polonka

Keith Trott trottkg at telus.net
Fri Feb 8 12:12:35 PST 2013

Thanks Richard.  I looked at the VKP database and while the Kretschmann
information is interesting, my primary interest is the Fiedler surname.


My g-grandfather was Christopher Fiedler (estimated birth abt 1845) who
married twice.  His first wife is unknown but they had three children,
namely August Fiedler, Rudolf Fiedler and Pauline Fiedler (b abt 1868 in
Mitzk).  August and Rudolf went to Brazil.  Christopher's second wife was
Elizabeth Lutz and they had five children, namely Kathrine Fiedler (b abt
1878), Anna Fiedler (b 02 May 1881 Kostopol), Christopher (b unknown) (died
of smallpox when a small child), Ludwig Fiedler (b 20 May 1883) (my
grandfather) and Augustina (b unknown).


After years of searching, I have not found records that relate to my family
of Fiedlers.  Now, I have found an EWZ record, previously mentioned that
gives me a place where Pauline Fiedler's family came from.  I keep thinking
"the Wonka-Polonka Chocolate Factory" everytime I say it J.  This is the
first hard evidence I have about where my Fiedlers came from.  The problem
is there are over half a dozen Polonkas.  One or two were in Germany before
1945 (closest major city today would be Dresden) but others were either
always in Poland or possibly even the Czech Republic.  I really need some
advice about tracing my Fiedlers using the EWZ information.


But thank you for the VKP information.  I will also look through the
database and pass on relevant information to my Kretschmann relatives.


Keith Trott (mother is Bertha Fiedler)

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